saturday chase

The sound of the chase confirmed he’d been right: they were heading his way. –Adrian Tchaikovsky, The Tiger and the Wolf

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the first line of the week as the starting point or inspiration for a scene, story, poem, or haiku.

Journaling Prompt: Write about a time when you felt like someone was breathing down your neck.

Art Prompt: The Chase

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a dramatic or humorous story with a chase scene.

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friday maudlin

Maudlin adj
  • tearfully or weakly emotional; foolishly sentimental: a maudlin story of a little orphan and her lost dog.
  • foolishly or mawkishly sentimental because of drunkenness.

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the word of the week in whatever you write today.

Journaling Prompt: What do you get maudlin about?

Art Prompt: Maudlin

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt:Use the word of the week in your article or speech.

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thursday immigration

Choosing to emigrate was not an easy decision. In a culture in which family and community ties were so strong, the decision to leave it all behind was heart-wrenching. Emigrants knew that they would probably never see their loved ones again. Friends and family often held mock wakes for emigrants on the night before their departure, symbolic of the permanent separation that was coming between them. –101 Things You Didn’t Know about Irish History: The People, Places, Culture, and Tradition of the Emerald Isle by Ryan Hackney and Amy Hackney Blackwell

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write the story of someone who decides to leave their home and culture to go to a new place.

Journaling Prompt: How do you feel about the immigrants that come into your country?

Art Prompt: Emigrate

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about a wave of emigrants – historical or current.

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wed order of the garter

Various legends account for the origin of the Order [of the Garter]. The most popular legend involves the “Countess of Salisbury” (either Edward’s future daughter-in-law Joan of Kent or her former mother-in-law, Catherine Montacute, Countess of Salisbury). While she was dancing at a court ball at Calais, her garter is said to have slipped from her leg. When the surrounding courtiers sniggered, the king picked it up and returned it to her, exclaiming, “Honi soit qui mal y pense” (“Shame on him who thinks evil of it.”), the phrase that has become the motto of the Order. –Wikipedia

Fiction Writing Prompt: Create an order for your world. Include a back story, a motto, and an insignia.

Journaling Prompt: How do you feel about orders and clubs? Do you belong to any? Why or why not?

Art Prompt: The Order of the Garter

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about an organization that you belong to and how it was formed.

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tuesday purple monster

As I was finishing, I heard a crashing noise. A horned and tusked purple thing went racing along the ridge to my right pursued by a hairless orange-skinned creature with long claws and a forked tail. Both were wailing in different keys.

I nodded. It was just one damned thing after another. –Roger Zelazney, Trumps of Doom

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use wordplay in whatever  you write today.

Journaling Prompt: How do you deal with “monsters” who seem to all pile on at the same time.

Art Prompt: Monster

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience how to deal with life when it seems like everything is going wrong.

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monday genghis khan

Distrust is the main reason why leaders impose punishments on the people over whom they have power. This is clearly demonstrated by Marlon Mooijman’s PhD research. ‘Leaders expect other people not to obey the rules, and punish them on the basis of this distrust.’ Ironically, it turns out that these punishments are not very effective and perhaps even exacerbate the situation, continues Mooijman. ‘When people feel distrusted, they are less likely to obey the rules. They see this assumption on the part of the leaders as a sign of disrespect. It also violates an implicit social contract: ‘If you treat me well, I will act accordingly.’ –Science Daily

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write the story of someone working under a distrustful, cruel leader.

Journaling Prompt: How do you react to a leader who punishes you?

Art Prompt: Distrust

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about leadership styles and how they affect the people being led.

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sunday reader

Create whatever this visual prompt inspires in you!

saturday bedtime story

“Tell me a story,” said Se. She had changed into her pajamas all by herself and snuggled under the blankets. –Seventh Day of the Seventh Moon by Ken Liu

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the first line of the week as the starting point or inspiration for a scene, story, poem, or haiku.

Journaling Prompt: What was your favorite bedtime story when you were a kid?

Art Prompt: Bedtime story

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Re-tell your favorite childhood story.

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friday newspeak

newspeak n
  • A mode of talk by politicians and officials using ambiguous words to deceive the listener.

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the word of the week in whatever you write today.

Journaling Prompt: How do you feel about politicians and officials using newspeak?

Art Prompt: Newspeak

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt:Use the word of the week in your article or speech.

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