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I read this fascinating short story today about a man who is faced with ethical challenges and how he reacts to them. It’s free online. Follow the link after the quotation to read it.

What, when all is said and done, all the conventional garbage is put on one side and you’re alone inside your head with yourself, do you actually believe in? That’s a question that has occupied a remarkably small percentage of my attention over the years. -from “Small Price to Pay for Birdsong” by K. J. Parker

Writing Prompt: Develop a character sheet paying particular attention to what the character believes. A sample character sheet can be found at, but expand it to include the characters core beliefs. For instance, does the character believe that people are inherently good or are born into sin? Is the world a friendly or dangerous place? Does the character believe in free will or fate? Keep going! These beliefs will determine how the character acts and reacts to people and events.

Journaling Prompt: Do your beliefs line up with your actions? Write about a time when you acted contrary to your beliefs. How did you feel afterwards? What did you learn?

Art Prompt: regret

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell a touching story about a time when your beliefs were challenged and how you responded.

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