Have you ever known someone who thought that if they had a new car, new house, new spouse, new laptop, blah, blah, blah, that they would at last be happy? If only it were that easy! Happiness is inside us. We make it happen. Here’s a simple quote about happiness from one of my favorite fantasy series.

There is never any reason for happiness. Yet it exists. -Kate Elliot, Spirit Gate: Book One of Crossroads

Writing Prompt: write about a character who learns this lesson the hard way.

Journaling Prompt: write about a time when you thought that you would be happy after you bought something or something happened. How did that turn out?

Art Prompt: Happiness

Nonfiction / Speech Writing Prompt: Write about happiness – what makes you happy? When have you been happy even though there was no reason for it?

Photo Credit: River Beach on Flickr

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