What would you be willing to risk in order to get a big reward? What if you could take that risk knowing that you would never face any personal consequences?

Another root cause of growing inequality is that the modern world, by so limiting our downside risk, makes extreme risk-taking all too comfortable and easy. More risk-taking will mean more inequality, sooner or later, because winners always emerge from risk-taking. Yet bankers who take bad risks (provided those risks are legal) simply do not end up with bad outcomes in any absolute sense. They still have millions in the bank, lots of human capital and plenty of social status. We’re not going to bring back torture, trial by ordeal or debtors’ prisons, nor should we. Yet the threat of impoverishment and disgrace no longer looms the way it once did, so we no longer can constrain excess financial risk-taking. It’s too soft and cushy a world. -Tyler Cowen, The Inequality that Matters

Writing Prompt: Create a situation where a character must take a risk knowing that all the consequences will fall on another character.

Journaling Prompt: Are you willing to take a big risk if you know there will be no consequences for failure?

Art Prompt: Fat cat

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Talk/write about balancing risk and reward and give your audience a strategy for decision-making.

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