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I never thought I was an addictive personality until I read this. I love salt. Can’t live without it. Crave it constantly. Some afternoons it would not be too great an exaggeration to say I’d kill for a bag of potato chips. Turns out loving salt may be the key to the addictive personality. 

A team of Duke University Medical Center and Australian scientists has found that addictive drugs may have hijacked the same nerve cells and connections in the brain that serve a powerful, ancient instinct: the appetite for salt.

Their rodent research shows how certain genes are regulated in a part of the brain that controls the equilibrium of salt, water, energy, reproduction and other rhythms — the hypothalamus. The scientists found that the gene patterns activated by stimulating an instinctive behavior, salt appetite, were the same groups of genes regulated by cocaine or opiate (such as heroin) addiction. –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: Deepen your character sketch. What needs have the power to control your character?

Journaling Prompt: What are you addicted to?

Art Prompt: Addiction

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell a serious or humorous story about your experience with addiction.

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