I’m a big fan of the fetal position when I’m in pain, so I was surprised to read this study about how posture affects your perception of the intensity of the pain.

While most people will crawl up into a ball when they are in pain, Bohn’s and Wiltermuth’s research suggests that one should do the opposite. In fact, their research suggests that curling up into a ball may make the experience more painful because it will make you feel like you have no control over your circumstances, which may in turn intensify your anticipation of the pain. Instead, try sitting or standing up straight, pushing your chest out and expanding your body. These behaviors can help create a sense of power and control that may in turn make the procedure more tolerable. Based on previous research, adopting a powerful, expansive posture rather than constricting your body, may also lead to elevated testosterone, which is associated with increased pain tolerance, and decreased cortisol, which may make the experience less stressful. – Science Daily

Writing Prompt: Write a scene about a character dealing with severe pain.

Journaling Prompt: How do you deal with pain?

Art Prompt: Pain
Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Give your audience some strategies for coping with different kinds of pain.

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  1. Nancy Price says:

    Never really considered how my characters reacted to pain. Liked the article to give me insight.

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