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I knew I was old when I heard these words coming out of my mouth: “When I was a kid, we never would have….” It’s a fact of life, though, that culture shifts from generation to generation. Some of the shifts are good. My grandmother was appalled that JFK, a Catholic, was elected president. Today, I doubt anyone would care. Other shifts are not so good. Here’s what science is finding out about the preteens and what they may be like as adults.

“The rise of fame in preteen television may be one influence in the documented rise of narcissism in our culture,” said the study’s senior author, Patricia M. Greenfield, a UCLA distinguished professor of psychology and director of the Children’s Digital Media Center @ Los Angeles. “Popular television shows are part of the environment that causes the increased narcissism, but they also reflect the culture. They both reflect it and serve as a powerful socialization force for the next generation.”

The top five values in 2007 were fame, achievement, popularity, image and financial success. In 1997, the top five were community feeling, benevolence (being kind and helping others), image, tradition and self-acceptance. In 2007, benevolence dropped to the 12th spot and community feeling fell to 11th. Financial success went from 12th in 1967 and 1997 to fifth in 2007. –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: How is your character different from the people in the generation that is older than he or she is? Younger?

Journaling Prompt: What are the biggest differences between your parents’ generation and your own?

Art Prompt: Generations

Nonfiction / Speech Prompt: Tell a humorous story about the first time you realized that you were getting old.

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