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Humans are, by nature, superstitious beings. Our brain is always trying to make sense of the world, and what it can’t explain logically eventually becomes the basis for myth and superstition. Superstitions create anxiety, which requires the use of ritual for calming. Superstitions are not always individual manifestations. they are frequently cultural. And thus we arrive at today’s quote:

…milk was put every Saturday for Greogach, or ‘the Old Man with the Long Beard.’ Whether Greogach was courted as kind, or dreaded as terrible, whether they meant, by giving him the milk, to obtain good, or avert evil, I was not informed. -Samuel Johnson,¬†Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland¬†(free for your Kindle or Kindle software

Writing Prompt: Make a list of the irrational beliefs (superstitions) that each of your characters has. How do they affect their behavior?

Journaling Prompt: Write about a superstition that you have and how it affects your behavior.

Art Prompt: Superstition

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a humorous story about a superstition that got you in trouble.

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  1. Medium as Muse says:

    Have you see the History Channel special called Ancient Aliens?

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