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People are very complicated, rather than all bad or all good. Even a “good” character may base their behavior on whether they think others will see the consequences of their actions.

…people tend to make decisions on the basis of their self-image. If they believe themselves to be “fair” or “generous,” for example, they avoid actions that are clearly egoistic in nature, so as to avoid contradicting their own self-image. However, if… they are able to ignore the consequences for other people, they find it easier to maintain a positive self-image, even if they their behaviour is selfish. “If the consequences are clearly visible, many participants decide to act fairly,” reports Astrid Matthey: “However, if it is possible to ignore the consequences, it is clearly more difficult to opt for a ‘generous’ decision, and many change their behaviour and select the egoistic alternative.” –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: Explore how your characters justify their actions and why. 

Journaling Prompt: How do other people observing you affect your decisions?

Art Prompt: Self-image
Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Talk about motivation in decision making and how appearances affect what we choose to do.

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    Hi Liz, I stopped by from SheWrites. Your blog looks very interesting. Currently I’m in the process of looking for an agent/publisher, if not will self-publisher. Once I’m into the writing game again, I will come back. You’re going to love SheWrites!! I do . . .

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