waterfall in the rain

Weather, climate, and vegetation are part of your world building if you are writing science fiction or fantasy. In other types of fiction, weather can play a role in setting the emotional tone of the story. This single sentence from Samuel Johnson places the reader in the wilderness of Scotland and establishes an emotional tone for the travelogue that follows:

The wind was loud, the rain was heavy, and the whistling of the blast, the fall of the shower, the rush of the cataracts, and the roar of the torrent, made a nobler chorus of the rough musick of nature than it had ever been my chance to hear before. -Samuel Johnson, Journey to the Western Islands of Scotland (free for your Kindle or Kindle software)

Writing Prompt: Write a description of weather that evokes an emotional response.

Journaling Prompt: What is your favorite kind of weather? Why?

Art Prompt: Stormy Weather

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell a story that requires a description of the weather for its humor or drama

Photo Credit: Alaskan Dudeon Flickr

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