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I struggle with description in my writing, so I was charmed by how this writer took a simple question from a blogger and turned it into a beautiful and creative writing exercise. 

I’m holed up in my lair, a.k.a. my home office. The walls are a poisonous apple-green, a hue suggested by my colorist and agreed to by me for reasons I no longer recall. My desk faces a window that’s obscured by an immense Entish pine tree which may well tear apart the entire house one day. Large bookshelves flank the walls, containing hundreds of research books, various editions of my own work and a handful of treasured childhood tomes, as well as an array of tchochkes and keepsakes including a replica of a Minoan libation vessel, a Yoruba woodcarving, a Xena: Warrior Princess action figure, a Fortune Beckoning Cat, and the bust of a Gorgon sporting a jaunty top hat that says “Happy New Year.” -Jacqueline Carey in an Amazon Omnivoracious blog interview about her new book, Naamah’s Blessing (Kushiel’s Legacy)

Writing Prompt: Write a description about your work space that introduces a reader to your personality.

Journaling Prompt: What does your desk say about you?

Art Prompt: Work space

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about your workspace.

Photo Credit: Auntie K on Flickr

4 Responses to Prompt #105 Describe your Work Space

  1. Carol Apple says:

    Right now my work space is the dining room table, but we don’t use the dining room that much. I think I could do this writing prompt and will give it a try! I am visiting from the She Writes Blog Hop and always enjoy your blog.
    Carol Apple recently posted..College on the Colorado plainsMy Profile

    • Liz says:

      I have a little corner in my bed room with a cozy chair. I turn off the over head light and use a little lamp. It’s very much like being in a cave 🙂

  2. Laura@Catharsis says:

    I don’t really have a work space. Honestly, it’s wherever I can get a little peace and quiet, usually laying on my bed with my laptop or on the living room couch. With two little ones demanding attention all the time, I work where I can!
    Laura@Catharsis recently posted..My Mommy Lied To Me. Apparently, There ARE Monsters Under My Bed.My Profile

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