Worried man

Religion is purported to have a lot of benefits, but it turns out that the individual’s conception of and relationship with God determines whether they will receive those benefits or not. 

“…certain spiritual beliefs are tied to intolerance of uncertainty and worry for some individuals,” the paper concludes.

“‘We found that the positive beliefs of trust in God were associated with less worry and that this relationship was partially mediated by lower levels of intolerance of uncertainty,” it added. “Conversely, the negative beliefs of mistrust in God correlated with higher worry and intolerance…'” –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: Does your character believe in a higher power? If yes, how much does he or she trust the higher power? How is this expressed in behavior?

Journaling Prompt: How much do you worry? How does your level of worry relate to your trust or mistrust of a higher power?

Art Prompt: Worry

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about worry as a habit and give them strategies to overcome it.

Photo Credit: pedrosimoes7 on Flickr

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