Do you have any phobias? Not me. Oh no. I’m just absolutely fine with heights, spiders, and snakes.Oh my!

Fear is a natural mechanism for survival. Some fears — such as of loud noise, sudden movements and heights — appear to be innate. Humans and other mammals also learn from their experiences, which include dangerous or bad situations. This “learned fear” can protect us from dangers.

That fear also can become abnormally enhanced in some cases, sometimes leading to debilitating phobias. About 40 million people in the United States suffer from dysregulated fear and heightened states of anxiety.

“Studies show that light influences learning, memory and anxiety,” Wiltgen said. “We have now shown that light also can modulate conditioned fear responses.” –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: What is your character afraid of? Write a scene that shows when and how your character developed this fear.

Journaling Prompt: What are you afraid of? Why? When did it start? Describe the scene.

Art Prompt: Fear and Light

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a humorous story about facing your biggest fear.

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6 Responses to Prompt #148 Fear and Light

  1. Columbi Bueno says:

    Dawn’s punching out now
    blank tanked stripped teat schemed schism –
    You know? Slaughterhouse.
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  2. zencherry says:

    Interesting! Light?
    Did not know that! Too cool Liz! As always. 😀

    • Liz says:

      I know! It instantly reminded me of the Susan Wilson story. Did you see that Lifetime movie? She’s the one whose landlord had set up video cameras to tape her in the bathroom and in her bed. When she found out, she was so afraid of being in the light that she would shower in her pajamas and robe, then change in a dark closet. Some days she just stayed in the closet, in the dark, huddled in a corner in her wet pjs.

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