Any excuse for a party, that’s my motto! Even if it’s just a party in my head. Nice to find someone who agrees with me. Even better that he put it in print, don’t you think?

Celebration is a mental experience with both conscious and unconscious dimensions. At a conscious level, celebration offers us a way – possibly the only way we know – to hold the moment, to engage in it fully and experience it fully, to experience ourselves and others in that context and feel grounded in the scheme of life and history. At an unconscious level, the celebrated moment imprints itself on us, adding to the hidden store of impressions that shape our thinking and color our view throughout life. In celebration we enrich our lives with the experience of our shared history as well as the shared moment. We may share a moment with others or with the memory of others, with God or simply with our own self. To do this in an ongoing way brings many of these enriched memories together to add depth of feeling and meaning to our daily lives. Our capacity to celebrate enables us to experience the deeper dimensions of any moment – at work, in love, or at play – as part of a human experience greater than ourselves. -Harvey L. Rich, In the Moment: Celebrating the Everyday

Writing Prompt: Create a celebration for your world or character.

Journaling Prompt: Write about your favorite celebration ever. What made it so meaningful to you?

Nonfiction / Speech Writing Prompt: Write about the significance of celebrations in your family or your culture.

Art Prompt: Celebration

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  1. zencherry says:

    (Hands you a paper curly horn and fringed covered hat) Paaaaarty! Yeah!

    Favorite celebration? It’s always a celebration to have friends and you make the best parties ever Liz! Woooot! 😀
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