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Here is a different take on PTSD with an interesting idea for how to heal the wound.

‘My colleagues and I suspect that the greatest lasting harm is from moral injury,’ says Litz, director of the Mental Health Core of the Massachusetts Veterans Epidemiological Research and Information Center. He and six colleagues published an article on the topic in the December 2009 Clinical Psychological Review, in which they define moral injury as a wound that can occur when troops participate in, witness or fall victim to actions that transgress their most deeply held moral beliefs.

While the severity of this kind of wound differs from person to person, moral injury can lead to deep despair.

‘They have lost their sense that virtue is even possible,’ Shay says. ‘It corrodes the soul.’…
‘In traditional cultures, warriors always came back to tell their stories, to give witness and to do healing ceremonies in front of the entire community,’ Tick says. ‘The community witnessed the stories, felt the emotions, carried the burdens with their warriors and transferred responsibility for actions from the warriors to the community.’ -Miller-McCune

Writing Prompt: Create a ritual to helpĀ  your character heal from a moral injury.

Journaling Prompt: How do you heal your soul when you’ve sustained a moral injury.

Art Prompt: Healing

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Write about how our society deals with wounded souls

Photo Credit: The US Army on Flickr

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