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seasons of life

Life may indeed be very fairly divided into the seasons of HOPE and FEAR. In YOUTH, we hope every thing may be right: in AGE, we fear every thing will be wrong. -William Kitchiner, The Cook’s Oracle; and Housekeeper’s Manual

Writing Prompt: Write a character sketch for someone who is old, addressing regrets and loss.

Journaling Prompt: How would you describe the season of life you are in right now?

Art Prompt: Seasons of Life
Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell a touching story about a point in your life where you suddenly realized that you were entering a new season in your life.

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Shafia safely handing over the 'pot' to the member

Why are some places more prone to bribery and corruption than others? Part of the answer seems to be the level of collective feeling in a society, according to research by Pankaj Aggarwal, University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) professor of marketing in the Department of Management, and Nina Mazar, University of Toronto professor of marketing.

Aggarwal and Mazar discovered that people in more collectivist cultures — in which individuals see themselves as interdependent and as part of a larger society — are more likely to offer bribes than people from more individualistic cultures. Their work suggests that people in collectivist societies may feel less individually responsible for their actions, and therefore less guilty about offering a bribe…

Adjusted for wealth, the degree of collectivism in a country predicted just how likely a business person was to offer a bribe to a business partner.

It’s not that those business people saw bribes as acceptable — other surveys have shown that bribery is widely seen as morally repugnant across cultures… –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: Create a situation in which your character must use bribery to achieve his or her goal.

Journaling Prompt: Have you ever resorted to bribery? If not money, perhaps you’ve used chocolate? Hmmm?

Art Prompt: Bribery
Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about how customs surrounding bribery affect culture.

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Welcome to the Carnival of Creativity for January 29, 2012. I can’t believe the month is almost over! Seems like it screamed past. Enjoy today’s delicious links. They will open in a new tab, so that you can enjoy, comment, and then return here for your next helping.

The Creative Mindset

Matthew Hyde presents What’s the Point of Blogging? posted at Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth, saying, “Some encouragement for any struggling bloggers out there!”

Amyra Mah presents Unleashing Creativity Without Using Drugs posted at The Amyra Records.

Sharing Our Work

Sweet Mother presents Making Reality posted at Sweet Mother, saying, “Humorous fast fiction.”

Lori-ann presents MLK posted at MoreFire. (I amost didn’t include this one because it is difficult to read due to font color and lack of paragraphs, but it’s worth the effort.)


What a treat I have for you today. Dan Wells (I Am Not A Serial Killer and Mr. Monster) gives you everything you need to know to structure your story in this 6 part video series.

Writing Quote of the Week

“We write to heighten our own awareness of life. We write to lure and enchant and console others. We write to serenade our lovers. We write to taste life twice, in the moment, and in retrospection. We write to render all of it eternal, and to persuade ourselves that it is eternal. We write to be able to transcend our life, to reach beyond it. We write to teach ourselves to speak with others, to record the journey into the labyrinth… When I don’t write, I feel my world shrinking. I feel I am in a prison. I feel I lose my fire and my color. It should be a necessity, as the sea needs to heave, and I call it breathing.” – Anais Nin

Spam of the Week

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That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for next week’s Carnival of Creativity by Friday at midnight!

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Create whatever this visual prompt inspires in you! (I think I hear faeries…)


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Day of the Dead Altar

Someone was looking at me, a disturbing sensation if you’re dead. -Laura Whitcomb, A Certain Slant of Light

Writing Prompt: Write a scene, story, or poem inspired by this week’s first line.

Journaling Prompt: Write about how you picture the afterlife.

Art Prompt: Being Dead

Nonfiction / Speech Prompt: Persuade your audience to accept your vision of the afterlife.

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friends at the beer garden

beer garden n. a garden, typically one attached to a pub, where beer is served.

Writing Prompt: Write a story, scene, or poem inspired by this week’s word.

Journaling Prompt: Write about a time when you enjoyed drinking outside surrounded by nature.

Art Prompt: Beer Garden

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Distant (#63457)

It is possible I am pushing through solid rock… I am such a long way in I see no way through, and no space; everything is close to my face, and everything close to my face is stone. -Ranier Maria Rilke, quoted in Thriving Through Crisis: Turn Tragedy and Trauma into Growth and Change by Bill O’Hanlon

Writing Prompt: Write a description of depression through your protagonist’s point of view.

Journaling Prompt: Write about your experience with depression (your own or that of someone you know).

Art Prompt: Depression

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DIY Lightbox Practice-2  - VoxEfx

…was Shakespeare, so monumentally astute about human emotion, wrong to portray Lady Macbeth as unable to wash the metaphoric blood from her hands? The authors’ research suggests she might have had the wrong body part in the soapy water. In one experiment, participants were induced to tell a malicious lie either by email or voice mail. Afterwards, those who had lied “by mouth” evaluated a mouthwash more highly than a hand sanitizer, while those who transgressed “by hand” showed the opposite preference. –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: Write a scene showing what your character does to try to assuage the guilty after lying.

Journaling Prompt: How do you handle your guilt after you lie?

Art Prompt: Washing away guilt

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Urban Life

“Simply put, my newfound theory states: The minute a person comes to the erroneous conclusion that he or she controls anything at all in this life, the Universe immediately gets even with the bloody idiot.” -Marilyn Brant, According To Jane

Writing Prompt: Write a scene where your character decides he or she is in control. Then let chaos reign.

Journaling Prompt: How has the Universe shown you that you are not in control?

Art Prompt: The Illusion of Control

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James talks portfolios

“People have high status because other people like and admire them. The result is that high-status individuals come to expect that others are going to treat them well, which makes them more likely to trust,” Lount said.

“The road from high status to increased trust is one paved with positive expectations of others’ motives.”
In a workplace, that means that bosses, who generally have more status than their employees, may be more trusting during initial encounters. Of course, levels of trust may change as people work together.
“But that initial encounter is really important because it shapes future behavior,” Lount said. “If your first signal is that you don’t fully trust someone, that could undermine future trust development.” –Science Daily

Writing Prompt: Write a scene about first impressions.

Journaling Prompt: Write about how you decide to trust people and how you think status affects your decision.

Art Prompt: Status

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