“Presence doesn’t just live in the material,” Julia had once reasoned to Carla, pleasantly tipsy on the veranda one late summer afternoon. “We leave a whole stream of existence behind us, a constellation of evidence— invisible particles of skin, heat, breath, lingering sound, hair in plugholes. Then there are the stains, the dents, the scratches—the markers of passion, of arguments, of lovemaking, of the clumsy, stumbling move into a first embrace and the clumsy stumbling step backwards out of the last. If there is an afterlife, it must exist in how we are remembered. Our spirit can only live on in the others we have touched—those who have loved us and those who have hated us.” -Tobsha Lerner, Soul

Writing Prompt: What traces of presence will your protagonist leave when he or she dies?

Journaling Prompt: What traces of presence will you leave when you die.

Art Prompt: Trace Evidence

Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Inspire your audience to make a mindful choice about trace evidence they leave in people’s lives.

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  1. Charissa says:

    Intriguing prompt. I love the quote. I tagged you as a good writing blog on my site today (so other writers can maybe come here and meet you). Thanks for the daily prompts.

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