Welcome to the Carnival of Creativity for April 8, 2012. All links will open in a new tab or window, so feel free to click through and leave some love in the comments. Once you close that window, you’ll be right back here for more linky goodness.

Responses to Writing Reader Prompts

Cara Lopez Lee presents The Stalking Sycophant: A Triolet

The Creative Mindset

Cynthia Morris presents Mine Your Journals for Writing Gems at Original Impulse.


TV Tropes a wiki of the tricks of the writing trade.

The Idea Bird, new writing prompts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


Writing Quote of the Week

Rewriting. It’s like writing, only with less visible progress. With writing, you can feel reasonably assured that what you put on the page is better than what was there before. Not always! But mostly. Rewriting, though, you can spend a good six hours on a scene, sit back, and think, Yep… that’s worse. -Max Barry

Writing Tips and Prompts

Vikki presents Generating Titles and The Naming Game posted at The View Outside.

Chrys Fey presents Don’t Give Up! and Ready, Set, TONE! posted at Writing with Fey.

Charlie Jane Anders presents 10 Secrets to Creating Unforgettable Supporting Characters posted at io9.

Mark Nichol presents Showing, Not Telling, Personality Through Speech and Thought at Daily Writing Tips.


The gang at Writing Excuses are living up to their name this week, bringing us an entire podcast about writing excuses. Just in case you’ve run out of your own.

Spam of the Week

We ask for more and more people would make an email websites such as this that are in reality taking study. With the thistledown flying almost on the net, it is rare to appear over a find such as your own instead.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for next week’s Carnival of Creativity by Friday at midnight!


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