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Instead of sending military troops overseas to countries to fight a bloody war, they can sit in front of computers in “dimly-lit rooms” that are air conditioned to search and destroy virtually. Cyber wars have the ability to deal with some of the world’s detrimental problems, such as crime, terrorism and nuclear threats. By way of technology the government can use computer viruses to tap into enemy networks in order to detect and attack. The enemy can only speculate where the cyber attack came from because the hackers are able to do the job anonymously. –Rin Mitchell

Writing Prompt: Write a story, scene or poem about a cyberwar.

Journaling Prompt: How would your life change if you couldn’t access the Internet?

Art Prompt: Cyberwar
Nonfiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the problems created by cyberterrorists and hackers.

Photo Credit: Marc_Smith on Flickr

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