2 Because he won't knock...

…scientists wanted to see whether or not people could be scared to death. They looked for a likely belief, and found it in the Chinese and Japanese idea that the number four is unlucky. Obviously, finding a random sampling of subjects and attempting to scare them to death would be unethical, so the scientists reluctantly turned their attention to existing death certificates. The scientists looked and Japanese and Chinese death certificates, and those of white Americans as the control. They found that while white Americans saw no major peak for cardiac deaths, Japanese and Chinese cardiac deaths peaked on the fourth of the month every months.

Why? The stress and worry of approaching an unlucky day actually caused people to have heart attacks. The fourth of every month acted the same way a Sherlock Holmes murderer did, and so the phenomenon was called The Baskerville Effect. Worry actually can kill. So don’t worry, or you will die. -Esther Inglis-Arkell

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story or scene about someone who is scared to death.

Journaling Prompt: What are you most afraid of? How do you deal with your fear?

Art Prompt: Scared to Death

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Write about the effect of fear, stress, and worry on your life.

Photo Credit: Silentmind8 on Flickr

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