The four culture types identified, which together comprised 89 percent of families surveyed, are:

  • The Faithful: These parents base their moral compass on religion and seek to maintain traditions within their homes and through their children.
  • The Engaged Progressives: These parents view morality through a lens of personal responsibility and freedom and strive to raise “responsible choosers.”
  • The Detached: These parents don’t feel very close to their children and tend to adopt a “let kids be kids and let the cards fall where they may” attitude.
  • The American Dreamers: These parents are very optimistic about their children’s future and focus heavily on giving them every possible advantage while also protecting them from negative influences. –Kecia Lynn

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a scene about something that happens in within a family. Re-write the same scene for each of the family types.

Journaling Prompt: Where does your family fall in this list? Write about how you feel about your family type.

Art Prompt: Families

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Inform your audience about the four American family types.

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