bespeak v. (past bespoke; past participle bespoken) [with obj.] 1 be evidence of; indicate: the attractive tree-lined road bespoke money. 2 order or reserve (something) in advance: the defendant’s insurers took steps to bespeak his medical records. 3 ARCHAIC speak to. Old English bisprecan ‘speak up, speak out’ (see BE-, speak), later ‘discuss, decide on’, hence ‘order’ (sense 2, late 16th century).

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the word of the week in whatever you write today.

Journaling Prompt: What in your life bespeaks your personality?

Art Prompt: Bespeak

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Use the word of the week in your article or speech.

Photo Credit: Sigfrid Lundberg on Flickr

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