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Arrogance is characterized by a pattern of behavior that demeans others in an attempt to prove competence and superiority. Silverman says this behavior is correlated with lower intelligence scores and lower self-esteem when compared to managers who are not arrogant.

…Silverman warns that “yes” replies to these other questions raise red flags and signal arrogance.

  • Does your boss put his/her personal agenda ahead of the organization’s agenda?
  • Does the boss discredit others’ ideas during meetings and often make them look bad?
  • Does your boss reject constructive feedback?
  • Does the boss exaggerate his/her superiority and make others feel inferior?

Left unchecked, arrogant leaders can be a destructive force within an organization… –Science Daily

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write about an arrogant boss through the eyes of a victim of his or her bullying.

Journaling Prompt: Write about the worst boss you have ever worked for.

Art Prompt: Arrogant Leader

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Inform your audience about how to recognize arrogant leaders and the devastation they create.

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2 Responses to Prompt #590 Arrogant Leaders

  1. My current boss is awesome. One of my previous ones… Ugh! Among other things, she would deliver a tongue-lashing to any employee in front of other employees, or talk trash about employees or even clients when they weren’t in the room. She was fond of going into a snit about reports I had delivered “late” when the fact was they had been sitting in her inbox for 2-3 days. Even now when I call that boss to mind my heart starts to beat faster and my back hurts.
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