bilk INFORMAL v. [with obj.]
1 obtain or withhold money from (someone) unfairly or by deceit; cheat or defraud: government waste has bilked the taxpayer of billions of dollars. obtain (money) fraudulently: some businesses bilk thousands of dollars from unsuspecting elderly consumers.
2 ARCHAIC evade; elude. bilker n. mid 17th century (originally used in cribbage meaning ‘spoil one’s opponent’s score’): perhaps a variant of BAULK.

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use the word of the week in whatever you write today.

Journaling Prompt: Write about a time you felt cheated.

Art Prompt: Bilk

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Use the word of the week in your article or speech.

Photo Credit: numberstumper on Flickr

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