Welcome to the Carnival of Creativity for March 31, 2013. All links will open in a new tab or window, so feel free to click through and leave some love in the comments. Once you close that window, you’ll be right back here for more linky goodness.

Sharing Our Work

Eula McLeod presents To Tell The Truth posted at View from the Winepress.

Emi Bauer presents So.Easy posted at Confessions of an Incompetent Blogger.

Jim Booth presents Why We Write, or Don’t: A Few Words About Culture and Change posted at Scholars and Rogues

Writing Quote of the Week

Jeff Goins quote

Writing Tips and Prompts

Chrys Fey presents Writing a Series posted at Write with Fey.

Faith Van Horn presents Writing Outside by Faith Van Horne posted at Writer’s Fun Zone.

Stavros Halvatzis presents How to Make Your Stories Compelling posted at Stavros Halvatzis.

Kristen Lamb presents The Clock is Ticking—5 Tips for Tighter, Cleaner Writing posted at Kristen Lamb.

John Yeoman presents Give Stories Added Depth With a ‘Ghost Plot’ posted at Blood Red Pencil.

Marcy Kennedy presents Four Techniques to Show Rather than Tell posted at Marcy Kennedy.

Misha Crews presents How To Write Sex Scenes When You’re a Prude posted at Romance University.

Gabriela Pereira presents 7 Reasons to Use Writing Prompts posted at Mystery Writing is Murder.

Geoffrey James presents How to Begin a Short Story posted at Amazing Stories.

Donna Cooner presents The Top 10 Worst Types of Critique Partners posted at Writer’s Digest.

Emily L. Moir-Genther presents 5 Ways to Turn Readers Off: A Writer’s Guide on what NOT to Do posted at Novel Publicity.

Lauren Davis presents Concept Art Writing Prompt: The Man and His Moon posted at io9.

Creativity Boosts

Stephanie Orges presents March Wallpaper: Life is Terminal posted at Be Kind Rewrite.


This week’s podcast at Writing Excuses is all about Project in Depth: Deus ex Nauseum.

Visual Arts

Meghana presents Around The World: Rajasthani Mojadi Shoes posted at Around The World

 The Business of Creativity

Mark McGuinness presents How to Deal with Crushing Feedback on Your Creative Work posted at 99u.

Sonia Simone presents Is it Time for Content Marketers to Abandon Facebook? posted at CopyBlogger.

Robert Lee Brewer presents 6 Blogging Tips That Will Pay Off Immediately (Okay, maybe 7 tips) posted at Writer’s Market.


Maureen Rostad presents Repurposing Fashion Clothing: Upcycling an Empire Waist Top from a Dress posted at Upcycled Fashionista

Spam of the Week

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