Welcome to the Carnival of Creativity for May 12, 2013. All links will open in a new tab or window, so feel free to click through and leave some love in the comments. Once you close that window, you’ll be right back here for more linky goodness.

The Creative Mindset

Tanner Christensen presents Can You Believe Yourself Into Being More Creative? posted at Creative Something.

Cynthia Morris presents Artists and writers: drop the confusion and define your own labels posted at Original Impulse.


Rainy Cafe is a free online ambient noise generator to help you focus on your creative process.

Sharing Our Work

Eula McLeod presents The One and Only You posted at View from the Winepress.

Emi Bauer presents ‘Gullible’ is Not in the Dictionary posted at Confessions of an Incompetent Blogger.

Liz Shaw presents Flash Fiction: Up On the Roof posted at Liz Andra Shaw.

Rob Graumans presents We’ve Got You God! posted at The Young Socrates

LaTonia Williams presents Being Jonah posted at Becoming a Public Offender.

Writing Quote of the Week

A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing or thinking about writing.- Eugene Ionesco

Writing Tips and Prompts

Chrys Fey presents Writing About: Torture posted at Write with Fey.

David Leonhardt presents You might be a writer posted at A Ghost Writers Blog

Darren Lacroix presents 5 Hollywood Secrets for Your Stories posted at Stage Time.

Nina Munteanu presents The Careful Writer: Some Notes on Composition posted at Amazing Stories.

Marcia Walters and Betty Brock presents 8 Simple Tips for Improving Your Writing posted at Novel Publicity.

Brian Klems presents 7 Ways to Add Great Subplots to Your Novel posted at Writer’s Digest.

Mark Nichol presents 20 Names of Body Parts and Elements and Their Figurative Meanings posted at Daily Writing Tips.

Lauren Davis presents Concept Art Writing Prompt: Superhero Grandma posted at io9.


Last week’s podcast at Writing Excuses was a Microcasting episode where they answer listener questions. This week’s podcast at Writing Excuses is all about Blocking.

Visual Arts

Duy presents The Process posted at Infornigraphic Amnesiac

Journal Writing

Cynthia Brouse presents How journal writing can make you healthier posted at Best Health.

The Business of Creativity

Cynthia D’Alba presents Blog Tours: The Good – The Bad – The Ugly posted at Writers in the Storm.


Tina Katic presents Wheelbarrow Coffee Table posted at K International Woodworking


Mr.CBB presents Mr.CBB’s Cheesy Crock-Pot Lasagna posted at Canadian Budget Binder

Spam of the Week

I like your article.Your article is like a big tree, so that we can be seated in your tree, feel yourself a real. I feel very moved, very weal….


Thanks to twbuckner for the background for today’s writing quote.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for next week’s Carnival of Creativity by Friday at midnight!

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