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Character strengths can be defined as traits that are evaluated as morally positive, such as self-control, teamwork or kindness. Character strengths that are particularly distinctive for a person and which he or she likes to use frequently are referred to as signature strengths. Everybody typically has between three and seven of these signature strengths… people who are able to apply four or more signature strengths at work have the highest values in terms of positive experience. They enjoy work more, are more wrapped up in it, perceive their work as more meaningful and are more satisfied with their job. These people also perceive their work more as a calling than people who are able to apply three signature strengths or fewer in the workplace. –Science Daily

Fiction Writing Prompt: What are your character’s signature strengths? How do they fit with his or her job?

Journaling Prompt: What are your signature strengths? Are you able to use them in your job?

Art Prompt: Signature strengths

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Inform your audience about character strengths and signature strengths and how they function in the work place.

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