3973 Problem solving

…people who cheated on a problem-solving task–while having little to gain–experienced a kind of ‘cheater’s high’ (Ruedy et al., 2013). They felt more satisfied with themselves and happier than those who didn’t cheat.
Some people were even specifically reminded after the study how important it was not to cheat. Perversely, these people felt even better!
Even more confusingly, when asked, most people in the study thought that someone who cheated would feel worse, or at least ambivalent afterwards. So, their prediction of how cheaters would feel was completely wrong. –Jeremy Dean

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write about a character who is addicted to the cheater’s high.

Journaling Prompt: Have you ever cheated? If so, how did you feel about at the time? A while after?

Art Prompt: Cheater’s High

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Write about the problem of cheating and the cheater’s high.

Photo Credit: godzillante|photochopper on Flickr

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