Riot Police charge

The danger comes when an organized group subscribes to a common fear. It is often driven by a charismatic leader, who has somehow captured that fear, harnessed its raging force then propelled it like a projectile. One’s anonymity and shared (and supposedly diluted) responsibility within the “mob” may compel the individual to commit irrational acts of atrocity he/she would never otherwise contemplate on his/her own. How many of us have been caught up in the mass enthusiasm of a sports match? We’ve all felt it; the power of the mob, its energy crackling in the air around our pounding hearts and cries. To yield to a mob-mentality is to subscribe to a condoned insanity, within which the ‘mob’ takes on its own irrational personality that is more than the sum of its parts…to become a kind of autopoietic entity that swiftly and ruthlessly dispenses its own perverse form of justice. –Nina Munteanu

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a scene where your character gets caught up in mob mentality.

Journaling Prompt: Write about a time when your behavior changed because you were part of a crowd.

Art Prompt: Mob Mentality

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Write about the mob mentality and how to avoid getting caught up in it.

Photo Credit: Kashklick on Flickr

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