The human will start thinking, “Oh my god, can you imagine what would’ve happened if I got caught?” They wake up in the middle of the night thinking, “What about tomorrow? And the children! Oh my god.”
The threat is over, but the new brain can’t let it go. We ruminate, and we run simulation after simulation in our minds of “what-if” scenarios. …it can also trap us in fear. This is what we call emotional memory. –Paul Gilbert

Fiction Writing Prompt: Show the internal dialogue of your character when he or she is trapped in an emotional memory.

Journaling Prompt: What is an emotional memory that still has the power to trap you in fear?

Art Prompt: Emotional Memory

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about emotional memory, how it affects them every day, and how they can overcome it when they realize that it’s affecting them.

Photo Credit: D.Munoz-Santos on Flickr

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