Day 120: Stored For Retrieval

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re in over your head? That you’ve had many successes but somehow you feel you don’t deserve them? There’s been some mistake. You were just lucky that time, the right questions came up in the exam or the interview. And despite all evidence to the contrary, that nagging feeling persists that, at any moment, someone will tap you on the shoulder and say: “You shouldn’t be here.”
Most of us have these feelings from time to time. They are called imposter feelings: feeling that you have misrepresented yourself despite all objective evidence to the contrary. A 1985 article in Time suggested that up to 70% of people will have imposter feelings at some time. It’s normal, and usually, with a bit of perspective and time, people let them pass. –Hugh Kearns

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write some internal monologue for one of your characters showing the imposter syndrome.

Journaling Prompt: When do you feel like an imposter?

Art Prompt: Imposter Syndrome

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the imposter syndrome. Include a personal story and tips for overcoming these feelings.

Photo Credit: jk5854 on Flickr

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