19th Century justice - Victorian Crime and Punishment

…there are basically four ways of influencing behavior: reward, punishment, restraint, and compulsion. Reward means offering the subject something good for performing an action. Punishment means threatening the subject with something bad for performing an action. Restraint means physically blocking the subject from performing an action, for example preventing the subject from walking on a lawn by putting a fence around it. Compulsion means physically forcing the subject to perform an action, as for example causing a man to get on an airplane by dragging him onto it. –William Skaggs

Fiction Writing Prompt: Add to your protagonist’s character sketch. How does he or she usually choose to influence behavior? Write a vignette illustrating this.

Journaling Prompt: How do you usually influence behavior? Why do you make this choice?

Art Prompt: Influencing behavior

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Inform your audience about the ways to influence behavior. Give them strategies for choosing the best method for any given situation.

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