People often think they are good at their job or have a talent, such as singing, because of the feedback they receive from employers, family and friends. Too often that feedback is vague and does not offer any suggestions for improvement, Krizan said. It is much easier to tell someone they are doing a good job instead of being honest and risk hurting their feelings.
“This is one reason why we have barriers to self-insight, because oftentimes, even if we get feedback, it’s not accurate,” Krizan said. “As a society we make the wrong trade-off by thinking that boosting self-esteem is going to boost performance, and that rarely happens. That empty praise of telling someone they’re great, or pretending there are not skill differences when there are, can really become a problem.” –Science Daily

Fiction Writing Prompt: What lies are people telling your protagonist and how has it led him or her into complications?

Journaling Prompt: What area of your life do you need better feedback about?

Art Prompt: Honest feedback

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the benefits of honest feedback and give them strategies as to how to accept it gracefully.

Photo Credit: Karl Horton on Flickr

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