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The Creative Mindset

Maria Popova presents Mary Oliver on the Mystery of the Human Psyche, the Secret of Great Poetry, and How Rhythm Makes Us Come Alive posted at Brain Pickings.

Creativity Quote of the Week

Art has a will of its own. It has nothing to do with the taste of the moment or what’s expected of you. That’s a formula for dead art, or fashionable art. -Helen Frankenthaler

Writing Tips

Chrys Fey presents Kissing Scenes (How to Write) posted at Write with Fey.

Craig Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell presents How To Hook Your Audience posted at Mythic Scribes.

Shanan Haislip presents The Secret All Great Storytellers Know posted at Positive Writer.

Steven Long presents Validation vs. Provocation: The Impact of Authorial Worldview posted at Steven M. Long.

Curt Fouts presents The Road to Nowhere: One Writer’s Journey Toward Craft posted at StoryFix.


Saeed Sikiru presents Do You Find it Difficult to Update Your Blog Regularly? Use These Tricks posted at Blogging Tips.

Steven Snell presents 10 Signs That Your Blog Is On The Right Track posted at Daily Blog Tips.

Henneke presents 5 Tips for Turning Drab Information Into a Tantalizing Tutorial posted at CopyBlogger.

Creativity Prompts

Madeleine Monson-Rosen presents All The Ways You Can Screw Up Your Own Timeline posted at io9.

Eric Grundhauser presents Massacre Cave posted at Atlas Obscura.


This week’s podcast at Writing Excuses is all about World Building Without Breaking Viewpoint.

This week’s podcast at Illustration Age is all about The Process Diary.


Visual Arts

Christopher Jobson presents Mixed Media Portraits by Florian Nicolle posted at This is Colossal.

Claire de Boer presents Why You Need to Get in Bed with Your Fears posted at The Gift of Writing.

Journal Writing

Hanna presents 10 Ideas for your Art Journal posted at iHanna’s Blog.

The Business of Creativity

Maeve Maddux presents The First Five Pages posted at Daily Writing Tips.

Michael J. Sullivan presents Marketing 101: Walk Before You Run posted at Amazing Stories.

Miriam Schulman presents Market Your Creativity: How to Use Hashtags posted at Schulman Art.

Spam of the Week

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That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for next week’s Carnival of Creativity by Friday at midnight!

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