Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Sparrow Island lies fifty miles off the coast of Nova Scotia, where icy winters and frequent storms make it a brutal spot for life to survive. On one side, soaring cliffs act as a natural barrier against the Atlantic, protecting the rest of the island from invading winds and pounding surf. Along these scabrous cliffs, only the hardiest plants take root. Winter creepers, juniper, and heather cling stubbornly low to the ground, pugnacious against the elements. The other side of the island is flat with dense woods, sixty acres of knobby pines and twisted deciduous trees that huddle together like souls on a life raft. –Seeders by A.J. Colucci

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a description that creates a sense of place.

Journaling Prompt: Describe your favorite wilderness area.

Art Prompt: Sparrow Island

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell a story paying special attention to description of the place it occurs.

Photo Credit: Sri Nagubandi on Flickr

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