There is a chance I could grow up to be ugly, and this is one of many things I worry about. –The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarty

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story, scene, or poem about a child afraid of growing up ugly. Include the internal monologue.

Journaling Prompt: What were you afraid of when you were growing up.

Art Prompt: Ugly duckling

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience how they can address the fears of their children OR tell a humorous story about one of your childhood fears.

Photo Credit: Henning Mühlinghaus on Flickr

2 Responses to Prompt #1135 When I Grow Up

  1. Chris Black says:

    Prompt #1135

    When I Grow up.

    Will I know ugly
    Hell, unless it’s drummed into me ~ NO
    Evil, yes I can recognise evil
    Name calling that can be ugly

    I am my own person

    Governed by where I am educated
    Relates to how I address those who talk ugly
    Onus falls back on the adult to praise not be critical?
    When the child presents themselves whatever the occasion ugly should not enter the conversation

    Uppermost in the adult makeup must be to
    Perceive, praise the child let them know the only thing ugly in this world is war and hatred.

    #Acrostic poem based on prompt.

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