My Mermaid

Myth images of half-human beasts like the mermaid and the minotaur express an old fundamental very slowly clarifying communal insight: that our species’ nature is internally inconsistent, that our continuities with and our differences from, the earth’s other animals are mysterious and profound, and in these continuities and these differences lie both a sense of strangeness on earth and the possible key to a way of feeling at home here.’ –From Girl to Goddess: The Heroine’s Journey through Myth and Legend by Valerie Estelle Frankel

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story with a protagonist who is struggling with his or her animal nature.

Journaling Prompt: Which of your instincts do you associate with an animal nature and why?

Art Prompt: Inner animal

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience why we are fascinated with mythological human-animal hybrids and how their appearance in fiction helps us understands the animal parts of our own nature.

Photo Credit: Thomas Hawk on Flickr

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