On December 13, 1977, a plane carrying all but one of the members of the University of Evansville (Indiana) basketball team crashed during takeoff on the way to a game against Middle Tennessee State University. Also on board were the team’s head coach, three school administrators, the radio announcer, and a three-man crew. The crash left no survivors.
….The only member of the Evansville basketball team not killed in the plane crash was a freshman named David Burr who missed the trip — and, therefore, the doomed flight — due to an injured ankle. Unfortunately, fate soon caught up with him. He and his brother died in a car accident about two weeks later. –Dan Lewis

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story that begins with a catastrophic crash that wipes out everyone that is critical for an enterprise. 

Journaling Prompt: Write about someone you know who died tragically.

Art Prompt: Tragic crash

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience the story of a tragic crash.

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