2011 Lima, Peru

“All people with responsibility for others experience anxiety,” he said. “In lower doses, anxiety can propel you to be vigilant. Vigilance is one of the major ways to prevent accidents and errors. So it is not surprising and actually might be a good thing that people just embarking on a professional career remain somewhat anxious but are able to convert that anxiety into vigilance.”

Previous studies by Dr. Frankel and other researchers have shown that the Four Habits Model has a positive long-term effect on both clinician and patient satisfaction. The model is used extensively in the United States and other countries to train physicians. The Four Habits are:

  1. Invest in the beginning.
  2. Elicit the patient’s perspective.
  3. Demonstrate empathy.
  4. Invest in the end.
    Science Daily

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write the story of a physician using the four habits.

Journaling Prompt: How can you use the four habits in your relationships?

Art Prompt: Positive anxiety

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the four habits and how they can be adapted to their job and relationships.

Photo Credit: Rotaplast International on Flickr

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