Mother o' Mine  .. Happy Mothers Day

It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of mother a child has lost, or how perilous it may be to dwell in her presence. It doesn’t matter whether she hurts or hugs. Separation from mother is worse than being in her arms while bombs are exploding. Separation from mother is sometimes worse than being with her when she is the bomb.
For the presence of mother – our mother – stands for safety. Fear of her loss is the earliest terror we know. –Necessary Losses by Judith Viorst

Fiction Writing Prompt: Work on your character sketch, then write a story about your protagonist’s relationship with his or her mother at different ages.

Journaling Prompt: Write about your feelings for your mother and how they change over time.

Art Prompt: Separation from mother

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a touching or humorous story about your relationship with your mother.

Photo Credit: Nick Kenrick on Flickr

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