Love, hate, and the Wikipedia contributor culture problem

…we are increasingly reliant on information we obtain from online sources. However, our implicit faith in the validity of that information can be counterproductive and can make some people and organizations vulnerable to exploitation, perhaps by those spreading the misinformation and others. The team refers to this as a “semantic attack” and regards it as the “soft underbelly of the internet.”
…Connections and connectivity have been well studied in recent years, but the concept of a semantic attack in which misinformation is deliberately seeded into a social network with the aim of affecting the behavior of the maximum number of people possible has only recently emerged as a troubling concept that requires detailed study. While there are firewalls, antivirus programs and other technological diagnostics and defenses to ward off attacks on servers, operating systems and software, defending against the impact of a semantic attack on human emotions and behavior is an entirely different matter. –Science Daily

Fiction Writing Prompt: Use a semantic attack to create conflict in your story.

Journaling Prompt: How vulnerable are you to a semantic attack through your use of a social network? How do you think you can guard against it?

Art Prompt: Semantic attack

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about semantic attacks and how they can keep their minds safe.

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