Argument Between a Little Man and a Big Man

…family estrangement can be one of the most painful and devastating events in one’s lifetime. Family estrangement is generally defined as a reaction to intense emotion or conflict resulting in the distancing or loss of affection between one or more members of a family, where at least one party is dissatisfied with the situation. When family members stop speaking and when they stop contact, this is termed physical estrangement. When family members have infrequent, perfunctory, and often uncomfortable contact, this is termed emotional estrangement. People who are emotionally estranged often compare family interactions to ‘walking on eggshells’. A person might actively pursue estrangement from family members or become estranged because of the decision and rejection of one or more members.
…one US study of adult-children found that 7% reported being detached from their mother and 27% detached from their father. Detached relationships were characterised by infrequent or no contact or support, feeling distant from the parent, having different values to the parent and rating family as a low priority.  –Dr. Kylie Agllias

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write about a character who is estranged from a parent in one of the ways described above.

Journaling Prompt: How has estrangement affected your family or someone you care about? 

Art Prompt: Family estrangement

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience about the problem of family estrangement and how it affects the extended family.

Photo Credit: MIT OpenCourseWare on Flickr

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