Every strength has what researchers call a “shadow side” that can get us into trouble when our passion and excitement causes us to over do things. For example, when we overplay a strength like hope we can see so many opportunities to make great things happen and ways to achieve this that we tend to over-extend and over-commit ourselves. You may even find many of the “weaknesses” your boss has asked you to improve, are actually strengths you’re overplaying and just need to dial down. Be mindful of where your strengths are creating difficulties for you at work and start to explore ways you can dial them up or dial them down in different situations to create the outcomes you want. –Michelle McQuaid

Fiction Writing Prompt: What are your protagonist’s strengths? How does the shadow side of each strength play out in his or her life?

Journaling Prompt: How do the shadow sides of your strengths hold you back in life? How can you change this?

Art Prompt: Shadow side of strength

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Give your audience some tips on fine tuning how they use their strengths at work.

Photo Credit: Daniela Munoz-Santos on Flickr

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