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I am allowed to start using my arm for typing now, but it is slow and painful. I’ll be posting on as “as able” schedule for the next month or so while the shoulder break continues to heal.

The Creative Mindset

Maria Popova presents Jazz Legend Bill Evans on the Creative Process, Self-Teaching, and Balancing Clarity with Spontaneity in Problem-Solving posted at Brain Pickings.

Gregory Ciotti presents The Under-Appreciated Benefits of Creative Consistency posted at Lifehacker.

Carrie presents How To Take New Risks In Your Creative Practice posted at Artist Think.

Eric presents Permission and Initiative posted at Journal Fodder Junkies.

Tom Jacobs presents To Heighten Creativity, Take a Good Look at Your Selves posted at Pacific Standard.

Petrea Hansen Adamidis presents Embracing Your Creative Self posted at Art Therapist.

Response to Writing Reader Prompt

Check out Joyce’s response (in the comments) to Prompt #1321 Visual Prompt of the Week – Ta Da!. Then go Like her Facebook page for her Haiku Happy project.

Sharing Our Work

Eula Macleod presents January Shmanuary posted at View from the Winepress.

Writing Quote of the Week

Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is tuned on. — Louis L’Amour


Colors Palette Generator.

Writing Tips

Chrys Fey presents How to Get Publishing Credentials posted at Write with Fey.

Joanna Penn presents BookTrack: Why Soundtracks For Books Are Great For Readers And Authors posted at The Creative Penn.

Anise Rae presents Chemistry on the Page: A Romance Writer’s Guide to the Science That Leads Our Characters to the Big Bang posted at Romance University.

Dario Ciriello presents Blessing Or Curse? The Modern Writer’s Dilemma posted at Fiction University.

Matt Herron presents A Writer’s Cheatsheet to Plot and Structure posted at The Write Practice.

Tristan Gregory presents Know the Rules. Understand the Rules. Break the Rules. posted at Mythic Scribes.

Mark Nichol presents How to Start a Writing Group posted at Daily Writing Tips.

Mary Carroll Moore presents Teaching Yourself to Write Better Dialogue: Three Steps That Will Make All the Difference posted at How to Plan, Write and Develop a Book.

Angela Ackerman presents Personality Traits: Building a Balanced Character posted at Writers Helping Writers.

Jo presents Henry Miller’s 11 Tips To Writing Well posted at Inspired Portal.

Elizabeth presents Tracking Trivia by Using a Series Bible posted at Elizabeth Spann Craig.

Christine Frazier presents How to Transition to Your Story’s Climax with a Gatekeeper posted at Better Novel Project.

Natasa Lekic presents The Agony of Early Drafts – Should YOU Keep Writing? (Good Question) posted at Positive Writer.

Moody presents Tricks of the Trade 1: The Plant posted at Moody Writing.

Lauren Davis presents 10 Rules For Making Better Fantasy Maps posted at io9.

Art Holcomb presents The Holy Trinity of Character: Goals, Obstacles and Stakes posted at Story Fix.

Laraine Herring presents The Baby Story Monkey posted at Lisa Romeo Writes.


Petteri Ollila presents 4 Amazing Tips for Overcoming a Writer’s Block posted at Daily Blog Tips.

James Chartrand presents The Truth about Content-Writing Mastery posted at Men with Pens.


This week’s podcast at Writing Excuses is all about Q&A with the I Ching.

This week’s podcast at The Author Biz is all about Optimize for Amazon with Guest Emilee Annine Moeller.

This week’s podcast at The Sell More Books Show is all about Ghostwriting, Subscriptions and Indie Pulp.

This week’s podcast at The Self-Publishing Broadcast is all about How to Stay Motivated and Produce.

This week’s podcast at Goins Writer is all about Look at Me: Getting Your Work the Attention it Deserves .

Visual Arts

Christopher Jobson presents Ancient Trees: Beth Moon’s 14-Year Quest to Photograph the World’s Most Majestic Trees posted at This is Colossal.

Päivi Eerola presents The Power of Positive Self-Criticism in Art posted at Peony and Parakeet.

Tara presents 4 fun ways to use a reference image to personalise your art posted at Tara Leaver.


Kristal presents The Secret to {Art Journaling} Happiness posted at Kristal Norton.

Jen presents How journaling can change your life posted at Journal Wild.

Joanne Broder Sumerson presents The Art of Journaling posted at Psychology Today.

The Business of Creativity

Michael J. Sullivan presents Generating Marketing Buzz posted at Amazing Stories.

Cam Jeffreys presents Is Crowdfunding for Authors a Good Idea? posted at Helping Writers Become Authors.

Carol Tice presents Grow Your Writing Income Next Year by Making This Key Change Now posted at Make a Living Writing.

Shanan presents 6 Things You Need to Know About Publishing in 2015 posted at Procrastiwriter.

Emlyn Chand presents Why I Sometimes Write Negative Reviews & Why You Should Consider Doing the Same posted at Novel Publicity.

Jody presents Do Agents Still Hold the Gatekeeper Key to Getting Published? posted at Jody Hedlund.

Amy Dunn Moscoso presents How a Chinese Fruit Vendor Taught Me to Negotiate Rocking Freelance Blogging Rates posted at Be a Freelance Blogger.

Nina Amir presents Avoid These 5 Mistakes If You Want to Become a Bestselling Author posted at The Book Ninja.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for the next Carnival of Creativity.


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