Girls at clam bake presided over by Alfred Keith, Little Sandy Pond, Bryantville section of Pembroke

A clam-bake is a delight wherever and whenever partaken of, but when it is prepared in the piney woods of Cape Cod by the inimitable skippers of Buzzards Bay it is something that is not to be forgotten. It is a joy, from the gathering of the first stone to the swallowing of the last possible clam. –Suppers: Novel Suggestions for Social Occasions by Paul Pierce

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story set at a clam bake.

Journaling Prompt: Reminisce about your favorite outdoor meal.

Art Prompt: Clam Bake

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience an amusing story about an outdoor meal you shared with family and/or friends.

Photo Credit: Boston Public Library on Flickr

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