Le Jour ni l’Heure 0452 : William Hole, 1846-1917, Arrivée, 1068, de Marguerite de Wessex, future reine d'Écosse et sainte Marguerite, 1898, Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Édimbourg, samedi 14 avril 2012,12:43:56

Men deprived of female company quickly became fearsome creatures, and Trevor believed you could argue that civilization was in fact the invention of women, or at least the invention of the men who wanted to please them. If it were not for the ladies, Trevor often proclaimed, especially after a few beers, humanity would doubtlessly still be roaming the forests in animal skins. –City of Darkness by Kim Wright

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story, poem or haiku about an all-male civilization gone bad.

Journaling Prompt: Who creates the civilization in your family?

Art Prompt: Men as Fearsome Creatures or Women as Creators of Civilization

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell a humorous story about men gone wild

Photo Credit: Renaud Camus on Flickr

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