People in the lifeboat were still congratulating themselves on their lucky escape, when Captain Martin noticed a huge wave “like a high wall” approaching. He instructed everyone to hold on, fearing that someone might be washed overboard. However rather than breaking over the boat, the wave lifted it and flipped it over. The boat was not self-righting, so the remaining survivors were left clinging desperately to the upturned boat. Rattler’s master witnessed the incident, signaled to the New Brighton lifeboat, Willie and Arthur, which promptly turned around to come to the rescue. The men who were on the capsized boat directed the New Brighton lifeboat to first assist three others who were in comparatively more danger clinging to bits of wood in the sea. After picking up the survivors and one casualty, the New Brighton lifeboat was taken in tow by Rattler, which brought her back to New Brighton. Six of Ellen Southard’s crew, the captain and his wife, as well as the pilot and three lifeboat men from Mersey Docks drowned or died of exposure (12 fatalities in total). –Wikipedia

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story of a daring rescue operation.

Journaling Prompt: What is the most frightening experience you’ve ever had.

Art Prompt: Shipwreck rescue

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience the story of a daring rescue operation.

Photo Credit: Rob Wassell on Flickr

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