Justice on the ALbert V Bryan Courthouse in Alexandria VA sends mixed messages. “Justice Delayed Justice Denied” vs. Tortoise and Hare.

I slumped back in my chair, willing my mind to think faster. No human had ever set foot inside Vampire Court. This could be the break I needed in my career to join the big league—the kind of case any lawyer with an ounce of ambition would kill for. Oh. My. God. My mouth went suddenly dry. –The Vampire Code by E.C. Adams

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write the story of a legal proceeding involving your protagonist and his/her favorite mythical creature.

Journaling Prompt: How would your life change if your favorite mythical creature were real?

Art Prompt: Vampire Court

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a fantastical tall tale of an encounter with a creature you thought was mythical.

Photo Credit: Dan4th Nicholas on Flickr

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