To reach the secure psychiatric unit’s visitors room, which is where Bergwall and I will talk, this is what you must do: walk through the security entrance, put your passport in a tray where it is kept by a man in a secure booth, go through a heavy metal door that is opened remotely, walk through a metal detector, go through another remotely opened heavy metal door, sit in a waiting room where a coffee table is littered with Swedish women’s magazines, then go through two more locked doors, each opened with keypads.  –The Serial Killer Has Second Thoughts: The Confessions of Thomas Quick

Fiction Writing Prompt: Write a story set in a secure psychiatric hospital for violent offenders.

Journaling Prompt: What was the creepiest building you ever went into? Describe what made it creepy.

Art Prompt: Creepy building

Non-Fiction / Speechwriting Prompt: Tell your audience a dramatic story that is set in a creepy building.

Photo Credit: Todd Ehlers on Flickr

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