Welcome to the Carnival of Creativity for July 16, 2017. All links will open in a new tab or window, so feel free to click through and leave some love in the comments. Once you close that window, you’ll be right back here for more linky goodness.

The Creative Mindset

Veronica presents Create Every Day posted at Veronica Funk.

Creativity Quote of the Week



Writing Tips

Ali Luke presents Is it OK to Use Swear Words in Your Writing? posted at AliVentures.

Janice Hardy presents Whose Story is It? posted at Fiction University.

Edie Melson presents IT’S OKAY TO TAKE TIME TO FLEX YOUR WRITING WINGS BEFORE YOU FLY posted at The Write Conversation.

Joe Bunting presents How To Win a Writing Contest posted at The Write Practice.

Cathy Yardley presents How to Write When Life Sucks posted at Writer Unboxed.

Faye Irwin presents HOW TO GET INTO ‘THE ZONE’ (WHEN THE WORDS JUST AREN’T FLOWING) posted at Writerology.

John Nicholls presents What would I tell a new author? posted at Writers & Authors.

James Scott Bell presents The 5 Biggest Fiction Writing Mistakes (& How to Fix Them) posted at The Writer’s Dig.

Angela Ackerman presents Character Motivation Entry: Obtaining Shelter From The Elements posted at Writers Helping Writers.

Kate Moretti presents How to Preserve Your Creative Self In Times of Trouble posted at Writers in the Storm.

Melissa Donovan presents Fiction Writing Exercises for Creating Characters posted at Writing Forward.


Nicole Pieri presents Your Template for When You Screw Up posted at Be a Freelance Blogger.

Editor presents My Blog Can Do What? 4 Unexpected Features That Improve Your Site posted at Blogging Pro.

Nina Amir presents 6 Lessons to Help Bloggers Overcome Their “Perfection Obsession” posted at How to Blog a Book.


This week’s podcast at The Self-Publishing Broadcast is all about The Future of Smarter Artist.

This week’s podcast at Writing Excuses is all about Pacing With Chapters.

This week’s podcast at The Sell More Books Show is all about BookPerk, Co-Writing, and the Post-Content Era.

This week’s podcast at The Creative Penn is all about How To Get Your Book Sales Moving With Facebook Ads. A Case Study With David Penny.

This week’s podcast at The Story Tool Kit is all about Battlestar Galactica — The Importance of Long-Form Plotting.

The Business of Creativity

Sandra Beckwith presents Facebook advertising for authors: A quick-start guide posted at Build Book Buzz.

Liz presents TWITTER TIPS – USING AUTOMATION THE SMART WAY posted at Liz Andra Shaw.

Mary Vee presents How to Write a Query Letter-A Red Rose in a Desert posted at The Writer’s Alley.

Sabrina presents Legal Considerations for Authors posted at Digital Pubbling.

Elizabeth presents 10 Minute Marketing posted at Elizabeth Spann Craig.

That’s all for this week. Be sure to submit your article for next week’s Carnival of Creativity by Friday at midnight!


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